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FINAL ASSESSMENT. You’ll get 25 questions from listed below (random order).

  1. The newest enrollment method with the launch of __________ is ___________:
  2. As users are the first line of defense against any mobile threat, EMM’s can employ policies that can force:
  3. ________________ can add IMEI or serial numbers to the Zero Touch portal?
  4. Using Android Enterprise versus Device Admin (DA) is recommended for all deployments going forward because:
  5. ___________ is a collection of Google applications and APIs that help support functionality across devices and a requirement for Android Enterprise.
  6. The identity method that is preferred for G-Suite customers is referred to as:
  7. To make Android even safer, Google shares source code for security fixes every ______ days with partners and publish updates for Nexus and Pixel devices.
  8. As it pertains to shared device use cases, support for _____________ was added in Android Pie (9.0) kiosk mode.
  9. Google Play Protect scans ___________ apps that are installed onto a device:
  10. All Android OEM’s that opt to use Google Mobile Services (GMS) must adhere to a _________ and successfully pass ____________.
  11. Android Enterprise Recommended ensures devices are up to date with regular security patches delivered within _________. Android Enterprise Recommended devices are also guaranteed to get at least ______________.
  12. How many Managed Google Play accounts can a customer get for free from Google for use with their EMM?
  13. Please select the most accurate statement as it pertains to Managed Google Play accounts:
  14. Some of the advantages of hosting private apps on Managed Google Play are:
  15. The following enrollment methods are supported with Android Enterprise:
  16. Google recommends which of the following methods to securely manage, deploy or host in-house company applications?
  17. Devices with a work profile differentiate work apps from personal apps by a:
  18. Restricting applications from communicating directly to each other is an example of what Android security principle:
  19. What are the are two identities that can be used with Android Enterprise?
  20. What is the proper method a user should follow in order to add a work profile to their personal device?
  21. Before deploying Android in a no connectivity environment, you should strongly consider:
  22. Android devices utilize a __________, to run privileged or security-sensitive operations such as PIN verification, secure storage of encryption keys and Verified Boot.
  23. During the ____________ process, each bootstage cryptographically verifies the integrity and authenticity of the next stage before executing it.
  24. When enrolling devices using the NFC method, organizations can use __________ to transfer configurations to a new device:
  25. Managed Google Play provides organizations complete control over app visibility and distribution by: