To have a popular website, you have to have one at all. How much good does it do to have something on page 5 of Google results that never makes it to first-page ranking? Nothing!

Traffic share drops from 32.5% on page 1 to 6.1% on page 5. Is it even worthwhile to design a website with great design and use relevant content if no one will ever see it in the saturation of search results?

The SEO Audit Tools let you know exactly why your website is not performing well! According to the Local SEO Guide, businesses with strong keywords in their names rank 1.5 times better than the rest. 

Digital channels suffer from problems that we are not aware of in SEO statistics. Broken links and missing pages affect the ranking

Nevertheless, ignore them will sink your indexing boat. SEO Audit Tools helps to analyses SEO issues.

The audit goes over all of the factors, such as the traffic-generating keywords, overall site structure, indexability, accessibility, healthy and unhealthy links, and SEO practices that you used. It’s like SEO Services, but smaller scale.

Checkout Best Tools For The SEO Analysis

1. HubSpot Website Grader

free SEO tool Hubspot website grader

Marketers use their company’s website to generate traffic and qualified leads. It is therefore important for marketers to understand how to improve the SEO of a website and its impact.

A HubSpot Website Grader automatically presents you a Report Card with insights about your SEO efforts, once you enter your website’s URL. On your Report Card, you can sign up for HubSpot Academy’s Website Optimization course, which teaches you how to better optimize your online presence for SEO, UX, and more.

The HubSpot Website Grader allows you to:

  • Quickly learn about your website’s performance.
  • Specific performance issues are identified and detailed suggestions are provided to rectify them.
  • Learn how to improve your website with on-demand support and how-to education.
  • Learn how to optimize your website’s specific problem areas with the help of the HubSpot Academy’s five lessons on Website Optimization.
  • Here’s what you need to know about optimizing your website for mobile.
  • Here’s how you can put best practices in place to make your website more secure.
  • Optimize user experience on your website so that visitors are delighted.

2. Google Search Central: Google Search Console

Google Search Central: Google Search Console free SEO tools

With the tools in Google Search Central (formerly known as Google Webmasters), you appear in the search engine results pages for the keywords your target audience searches for.

It is recommended that you make the most of Google Search Console, especially if you’re a business person or marketer. Google Search Console monitors, debug and optimizes your website with minimal effort, and there’s no coding knowledge required.

Examples of website elements the Google Search Console helps you optimize are listed below.

  • Those keywords currently rank highly on your website.
  • Any crawl errors on your website. 
  • Mobile-friendliness of a website. 
  • Google’s Indexing metrics tell you the number of your pages that are indexed. If your pages are not indexable, you can use our URL Inspection Tool to submit a page for indexing. 
  • This includes clicks, impressions, average click-through-rate (CTR), and ranking as well as metrics that are important to you.

3. Google Analytics

google analytics free SEO tools

Even though it has a paid version, Google Analytics is free and can help you make smart decisions regarding the SEO of your website. This is especially true when you pair Google Analytics with Google Search Console. As a result, all of your website’s SEO data will be centralized, and you can query data to identify areas for improvement with key phrases and keywords that your website and web pages need to rank for.

Here are some more ways you can improve your SEO using the free version of Google Analytics:

  • To get rid of spam traffic, or your referral traffic, or fake referrers (which bring fake traffic to your website) — you need to filter your referral traffic or remove it.
  • Compared with non-organic traffic, organic traffic drove more website traffic.
  • You will be able to understand what SEO strategies are working on those pages since you will be able to determine which pages receive the most traffic.
  • Site Content Reports will help you determine engagement metrics per web page, engagement metrics over time across your site, as well as tracking acquisition, behavior, and conversion for your landing pages.
  • Review the Multi-Channel Report’s Assisted Conversions feature to identify which of your Channels, which are defined as sources of your traffic, such as paid and organic search or referral sites, led to the most sales or conversions, and the value of those sales and conversions for your business.

4. UpCity Free SEO Report Card

UpCity’s Free SEO Report Card free SEO tools

UpCity offers you a Free SEO Report Card to determine how well your website compares to your competition.

You can get your hands on a free report from the SEO Report Card in return for your contact information.

Ranking Analysis: A total ranking breakdown of your website on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and MSN. Attributed based on your main keywords.

How many websites are connecting to your website, as measured by the number of links your website has received.

The On-Site Analysis examines how successfully you have incorporated your keywords throughout your site.

The accessibility of a website depends upon several factors including its load speed and navigation capability.

The trust score reflects the authority of your site or the degree to which its content is trustworthy.

How many of your pages are currently indexed: An indication of your current indexing.

5. Internet Marketing Ninjas

Internet Marketing Ninjas free seo tools

Internet Marketing Ninjas provides you with a variety of tools for SEO and optimization which can help you to gauge where you stand against the competition, optimize webpages for specific keywords, generate meta tags, and increase the amount of traffic to your website.

Below are some examples of free internet marketing tools you can take advantage of with Internet Marketing Ninja:

  • You can access the site crawl feature to find broken links and redirects on your site and use the sitemap generator to put it into an XML form.
  • Your web pages should contain all of your page links (external, internal, etc.) so you can review what links are working well and what links need updating.
  • Use the on-page optimization tool to review your website’s content, meta information, and internal links.
  • Comparable SEO analysis of your web pages with a competitor’s web pages.
  • Determine how long it takes for a page to load and how long each component of the page takes to fully display.

6. Bing Webmaster

Bing Webmaster free SEO tools

A Microsoft Bing Webmaster account will provide you with access to various tools including SEO tools, reports, diagnostics, and analytics for your website. The free SEO tools let you assess your site’s performance, manage backlinks, and determine key phrases to maximize your ranking.

The following are some other things you can do with Bing Webmaster’s SEO tools:

  • Understand your backlinks to learn which pages, domains, and anchor links your backlinks are pointing to.
  • Perform keyword research to determine which keywords and phrases are searched for by your audience, as well as the search volume for those keywords.
  • Use the site scanner function to examine your website and identify any technical SEO errors.
  • Understand where any errors are on your site and individual pages by getting SEO reports.

7. Seolyzer

Seolyzer free SEO tools

This tool helps you figure out how Google views your website and crawls it with a free tool called Seolyzer. In Seolyzer, crawling bots utilize the information they leave in your server logs while browsing to identify and establish your search engine optimization KPIs. The tool also reports page speed and performance as well as error codes and redirects.

Additionally, Seolyzer can provide you with the following service:

  • Understand and continuously monitor any SEO issues with your website, such as slow response times, error messages, and crawl volume, so they can be fixed before significant harm occurs.
  • Manage and analyze your KPIs using Seolyzer, including page performance, crawl time, HTTP status codes, active and new pages, and desktop vs mobile responsiveness.
  • Find out what your most crawled pages are by categorizing your web pages. 
  • Consider using Google’s ranking as the basis for your decision on which pages are the most crucial to your business.
  • Determine the effectiveness of SEO on a page-by-page basis or by page category.

8. SEOquake

Seoquake free SEO tools

SEOquake is a free and automatic tool that lets users assess a website’s SEO metrics quickly. The audits include on-page SEO, internal link review, real-time domain, and URL comparison, and data file export.

In addition to SEOquake, you can use it for the following purposes:

  • With the tools Link Examiner feature, you receive a detailed explanation of how all of your links are doing, including HTML URLs (href) and anchor text (alt).
  • You can adjust the reports you get from SEOquake to display only the metrics and metrics that matter to you.
  • The SEO metrics you care about should be compared between different domains or URLs.
  • Find out if there is any SEO-related issue on your website that could affect its performance.
  • A search engine optimization report can be exported from your SEO analysis for sharing and editing.

9. Seoability

Seoability free SEO tools

A free SEO-checker tool, Seoability, allows you to look up your website’s conformity to today’s SEO guidelines. Your website can be analyzed by entering your URL and you’ll receive recommendations on how to optimize it.

The package includes a detailed search engine optimization audit, 1,000 subpage audits, email reporting and alerts, and keyword tracking.

The following are additional advantages of using Seoability:

  • Find technical errors and other SEO issues that might be affecting your website so you can resolve them quickly.
  • You’ll receive an SEO score for a variety of factors, including page quality, meta-information, links, and more.
  • Understanding your site’s specific SEO issues such as meta titles/descriptions, meta tags, and invalid or incorrect domain names or URLs is imperative to optimizing it for search engines.
  • Understand what can be done to improve your website in terms of speed and quality (related to the content, duplicate content, responsive design, and alt attributes for content).
  • Get detailed information about the links and headers on your website, your internal links, incorrect anchor text, and the number of links.
  • Specific errors may be a result of any redirected visitors, HTTP headers, and CSS and Javascript.

10. Check My Links

check my links free SEO tools

This Chrome extension checks the links inside and outside of your browser, so you know they will work. Tagged reference links help you see how many reference links a given site has overall and how many of those references are broken.

The benefit of this is you can easily fix broken links in the immediate future (or before the whole page goes live). This tool is designed for web developers, editors, and theme designers, as its creators say.

Check My Links has other features you may find useful:

  • Identify any broken or invalid links on your website.
  • The broken links will be highlighted in red and the good links in green.
  • Just one click is all it takes to copy your bad links to your clipboard.


Browseo free SEO tool

It offers insight into your website’s SEO and UX from a stripped-down version, providing access to your website’s internal back-end and all of its content. Upon entering the URL, the report will analyze the page’s structure, optimized search terms, and other search-related factors, so you will understand what to do next.

The following are some ways you can use BROWSEO: 

  • Find out how many words are on the page.
  • Find out your response code from the server.
  • Count the internal and external links on your page. 
  • Look through the headers on your website. 
  • Get all of your meta-information (e.g. title tag, description) in one place.

Our next 14 Best Tools For The SEO Analysis will cover under paid version.

(Some tools provide a free trial period. Others provide free plans with some restrictions on flexibility and customization.)

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs SEO tool

In Ahrefs, you get keyword, link, and ranking profiles to assess your website’s performance and make better decisions on content.

The following are its main features:

  • Site Explorer, which shows you how your website performs with specific webpages.
  • Content Explorer allows you to search highly performing webpages in search terms you specify.
  • Keywords Explorer, which can tell users how many searches they will get for a certain keyword or combination of keywords, as well as their click-through rates.
  • This tool lets you audit your domain by crawling verticals and finding some issues at the page level.
  • When you use the Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, Ahrefs gives you the “parent topic” of the keyword searched. You are more likely to rank correctly if the parent topic is broader, but also more likely to be searched for than your intended keyword.

2. SEMrush

semrush seo tool

One of SEMrush’s useful tools is the SEO Toolkit, a tool that gives comprehensive information about the performance of individual domains and pages.

The Toolkit provides you with several metrics when it comes to ranking and visibility including the site’s search volume, keyword rank, current rank, the number of people searching for a particular keyword, and more.

Among the other features offered by SEMrush are:

  • Compare the performance of your page with your competition.
  • Find out if other websites link to your website (also known as link building).
  • Find the most appropriate keywords.
  • Look for similar opportunities for on-page SEO and take advantage of them.
  • Optimize your SEO and PPC campaigns with the Keyword Magic Tool.
  • Determine what paid keywords or ad copy is being used by your competition in their PPC ads.
  • Optimize your social media content with the right tools and software.
  • Understand how you can increase your organic search traffic by optimizing the content you produce.
  • If you want greater flexibility and features, upgrade your account anytime.

3. GrowthBar

growthbar SEO tool

GrowingBar is an extension for Google Chrome that lets you do keyword research, competitor analysis, and track SEO rankings. Use the GrowthBar to see how any website measures up directly from the search engine results page. This allows you to observe competitor performance and identify keywords, growth channels, backlinks, and ads that are producing results for them.

The following are some additional features of GrowthBar:

  • Get in-depth insights into top organic and paid terms driving traffic to your website as well as the most authoritative links pointing to your site using the Top Keywords and Backlinks feature.
  • You can quickly assess the rankability of a particular keyword based on the strength of the authority of the URL ranking on page one.
  • With Word Count, you can see the word count for any page from the SERP.
  • Find out what they look like from a search engine’s perspective by running Facebook Ads. 
  • Get a list of related keywords with search volume and CPCs by using the Keyword Suggestion tool.

4. Woorank

woorank seo tool

Woorank analyzes a website in detail to help marketers discover optimization and improvement opportunities. In this analysis, SEO efforts are compared to other marketing campaigns, social media, usability, and various other factors.

Regardless of your industry, each report is divided into eight sections to simplify the process of analyzing your website and identifying targeted optimization opportunities:

  • Marketing Checklist
  • SEO
  • Mobile
  • Usability
  • Technologies
  • Social
  • Local
  • Visitors

5. BuzzStream

buzzstream seo tool

Link building is still considered cold calling although your website must have backlinks. You can find the right contacts, write persuasive emails, and monitor who has accepted links with BuzzStream.

Additionally, BuzzStream can help you:

  • Develop outreach strategies based on the industry of each candidate. 
  • Identification of outreach candidates based on their level of engagement across various social networks.
  • Look for backlink candidates whose niche is related to your business’s niche and who are more apt to accept your backlink request. 

6. Moz Pro Tools

Moz pro tool SEO tool

This subscription is a one-stop-shop for boosting your business’ search ranking. Moz Pro gives subscribers access to tools for finding SEO opportunities, tracking growth, creating reports, and optimizing their efforts.

Additionally, Moz Pro contains the following features: 

  • The crawler is capable of analyzing up to 3,000 links within the pages of a given URL.
  • You’ll receive an email that details your website’s crawl data for pages that link to yours.
  • Understand various “crawl ability” factors that might be affecting your SEO performance. For instance, duplicate content and redirects.

7. Linkody

linkody seo tool

Having a good grasp of your backlinks is the best way to assess off-page SEO performance. The Linkody tool enables you to discover, track, disavow, and analyze backlinks from a simple to use interface.

Additionally, the tool checks for broken or lost links 24/7 and lets you know what needs to be fixed immediately.

Other Linkody features include: 

  • Spying on your competitor’s backlinks for high-quality backlinks. Just put in your competitor’s URL and let the tool get the results. The info you get will help find niche-relevant, high-quality backlinks for your brand.
  • Using the Rel element, Google indexation status, Domain Authority, Spam Score, Alexa rank, and more insights, you can track your backlinks in real-time to optimize your marketing.
  • To better understand your backlink distribution and link-building progress, develop a white-label report to share with your team and/or clients.

8. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

screaming frog SEO tool

In this program, which has been created specifically for SEO-minded users, the URLs of your specified websites are crawled, and it checks them for common SEO issues. For larger websites, this program helps simplify and expedite the process by evaluating the URLs in seconds rather than hours or days.

Other noteworthy features include: 

  • Tabs are easily navigable in this Java program.
  • You can export your data to Excel to analyze it in further detail. You can create a .csv file from your spreadsheet and upload it to Optify, Moz, or RavenSEO to track your rankings or links for a specific keyphrase.

9. Remove’em

remove’em SEO tool

Remove’em helps you get rid of artificial or unnatural links that hurt your ranking. This tool has the ability to: 

  • You need to scan the backlink profile of the website you wish to remove and then get in touch with the owner of those domains and links.
  • Export your list if you want Google to disavow them.
  • When Google crawls your site, tell them the links on your site aren’t trustworthy.

10. AnswerThePublic

answerthepublic seo tool

AnswerThePublic is a keyword and searches listening tool that searches Google’s autocomplete data for phrases and questions on your keyword. It then identifies which of these people are searching for on their own. To generate more traffic and conversions by crafting your website and content towards your audience, chances are high. 

AnswerThePublic offers the following services: 

  • Keep track of the most relevant keywords that are being discussed. 
  • Keep track of keyword trends and learn about keyword research behavior among your target audience and potential customers. 
  • Real-time keyword research gives you a good idea of what your audience is searching for. 
  • Based on relevant keyword research, get ideas on what to write for your website and blog. 

11. Keyword Hero

keyword hero SEO tool

Within your Google Analytics account, Keyword Hero combines your visitor’s sessions with the keywords they used to land on your webpage. Also known as the search intent tool, it gives you an understanding of the search intent of your organic search traffic. 

Here are some more actions you can take with Keyword Hero: 

  • Determine how much organic traffic and conversion you receive from your targeted keywords. 
  • Optimize your pages and your site’s structure for the keywords you intend to use.  
  • Sort search traffic by brand and non-brand. 
  • Your website must be optimized for particular target keywords to appear higher in SERPs. 
  • Understand the types of queries your visitors used to arrive on your website (informational versus transactional). 

12. SpyFu

SpyFu SEO tool

With SpyFu you can perform competitor keyword research for Google Ads along with PPC competitor comparisons, SEO competitor comparisons, and individual list creation.

A full suite of features helps you generate leads for your AdWords campaigns, monitor paid and organic rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and find accurate and reliable information on leads. 

SpyFu enables you to: 

  • Find out how much a competitor pays for keywords by downloading the competitor’s PPC keywords. 
  • You can see who is bidding on your Google Ads. 
  • See the SEO keywords that your competitor has used. 
  • A page’s or website’s ranking for a given keyword can be reviewed over time. 
  • Your competitor’s backlinks are what will set you apart. 
  • Optimize your Google Ads with keyword advice and discover new ideas to see more conversions. 

13. Seomater

seomater seo tool

Seomater is an SEO auditing tool that helps analyze a website’s SEO performance and optimize its on-page SEO. As the tool crawls your site, you will receive a comprehensive SEO report that contains information about internal and external links, backlinks, page quality and speed, social media, organic presence, and more. 

A detailed analysis of your SEO performance will include recommendations for each of these SEO elements. Furthermore, you can: 

  • Use SEO Monitoring Alerts so you receive an alert the moment something goes wrong with SEO for your website.
  • Find out how your page rank is affected by on-page SEO and off-page SEO issues with up to 13 detailed reports. 
  • To assess the strength and weaknesses of competitors’ SEO, you need to compare two competitor’s websites using the Domain Comparison tool.  

14. ContentKing

content king SEO tool

ContentKing is a real-time SEO auditing and optimization tool — it keeps an eye on your site constantly so any problems related to SEO don’t remain hidden for too long. This cloud-based tool is accessible anywhere in the world and it lets you access your reports and data no matter where you are.

Additionally, you can:

  • Get insight into your SEO when you use ContentKing’s 24/7 website audits (and algorithms). 
  • Stay on top of any issues that arise on your website so you can take action to fix the problems.  
  • Changes you make on your site (such as changes in robot.txt and on individual web pages) are tracked on your Change History page.
  • Get real-time visibility into all your website’s data with a real-time dashboard and reports. 
  • Within the tool, you can collaborate with your team or clients. 

With the knowledge of 25 free and paid SEO tools, choose the one that is best for you and start auditing, optimizing, and monitoring your website. You can also checkout our blog on Reason Why SEO is Important for Online Success. If Find this post useful please share with others.

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